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What is Zaveapp and how does it work ?

Zaveapp is a piggybank in your smartphone. The idea is to help you spare money to reach your financial goals, without noticing it. Log in in Zaveapp and create your goal :

  • name of goal
  • amount (that you ideally want to get)
  • date (when do you want to reach the desired amount)

Once you’ve created your goal, link any debit or credit card (visa or mastercard). It’s from this card that Zaveapp with charges all the transactions that you want to add to your goal. These smalls transactions will add up and progressively become the amount desired.

Break your piggybank whenever you want, even if you haven’t reached the deadline or the amount. 


How much does Zaveapp cost ?

Zaveapp is free to download. Cash in and Cash out fee’s apply.

New transaction fee’s starting october 1st, 2018

Euros Transactions

Cash In:     0.25 Eur + 2.79%

Cash Out: 5.00  Eur + 1.20%

US Dollar Transactions

Cash In:  0.30 Usd + 2.79%

Cash Out: 5.00 Usd + 1.20%


What the minimum amount required for a goal ?

We recommend that you put at least 50 USD, but you can send as little as 20 USD.

What’s the minimum period of time that I can select ?

We recommend that you put a period of 3 months to reach your goal but you can put a date as little as 30 days. You can also modify that date later.  

Do I need to pay any interests on my saving account ?

No Zaveapp use a prepaid wallet scheme where the money is saved only for a specific purpose.

Can I break my piggybank before reaching my goal or the amount I fixed ?

Yes, you can break your piggybank whenever your want. You have total flexibility, so just like a physical piggybank, you can break it even if it has not been filled.  

Why do Zaveapp ask for my card ?

We charge your card when you authorize us and transfer the money to your goal on Zaveapp.

Why are savings made with a card ?

We believe the easy and fun way to save money nowadays is digitally. That way we can remind you daily of you goal and we give you the opportunity to reach it with a click.

Does the money remain in my bank account ?

No, Zaveapp charge the card you have linked (debit or credit) and that balance is kept on your saving account in Zaveapp. It’s when you break your piggybank that your money is back on your bank account, with a commision.

Is there any other legal information I should know ?

If you want to know more, we invite you to review our terms and conditions as well as our privacy notice.

What are the different ways to save on Zaveapp ?

  1. Automatic weekly savings (recommended) – By automating a weekly charge Zaveapp will take the amount you need to reach the goal by the time you defined. You can pause, edit or cancel anytime with just a click.
  2. Round Up or Tip Yourself- Everyday we will ask you a question and propose a savings amount in the form of a roundup or a percentage of your expenses. You can choose to round it up to the next ten or the next hundred cents or from 5% to 20%
  3. Food Reminders- Everyday or weekly your piggy will ask you to feed him, you can save with just a click.


Since Zaveapp don’t ask my bank account password, how can it detect my expenses to round them up ?

Zaveapp has developed a protected technology protocol registered as intellectual property worldwide with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

What’s the maximum of money can I deposit on my zaveapp account ?

Currently, you can’t process a transaction of more than $250 if you haven’t done the double-digit verification. Once it’s done, the monthly deposit limit by user is $650.

Is there’s a limit of money that I can withdraw at once ?

No, you can always withdraw your whole balance by pressing the “Break my piggy” button. You can’t withdraw only parts of this amount, considering the concept of Zaveapp is to help you put together your ideal goal and not to touch it until you’ve reached it.

Can I modify my goal ?

Yes. Although we recommend you to try and meet your goal, we know that life’s full of changes, and that’s why you can always modify your goal. For that matter, simply go to your goal, click on the top-right button and edit any of the fields as many times as you want : title, amount, targeted date and frequency of reminders.


Can I transfer money from one goal to another ?

No, at the moment Zaveapp doesn’t allow passing balance from one goal to another. However, here are 2 options :

  1. Edit your goal : change the name, amount and targeted date.
  2. Leave the balance of a broken piggy on your zaveapp account and use it when you break a second piggy.

Remember that you can always break your piggy even if you didn’t reach the fixed date / amount.

How long until my balance is reflected on my bank account after breaking the piggybank ?

With a previously validated account, you’ll receive your balance in a maximum of 72 business hours.

I tried to send my balance but the transaction failed, what can I do ?

There may be several reasons, in order of recurrency :

  1. Check that we accept the card you’re using : we accept debit or credit card from Visa and Mastercard. We do NOT accept American Express or prepaid cards.
  2. Verify that the following data is correct : card digits, expiration date, security code & name of the holder.
  3. Check that you have a good internet connection: Zaveapp is programmed to work with data or wifi, however, if you’re in place where the signal isn’t stable enough, the transaction might be interrupted, causing it to fail.
  4. Verify that you have enough balance on your bank account.

If the problem persists, contact us on the support section of the app or via our social networks.

The system didn’t detect my card when scanning it, why ?

Some cards, especially debit cards cannot be read by our scanning service. But don’t worry, you can easily enter the date manually : on the right corner, select the option “Keyword” and there you go !

I’m trying to save on the app and it won’t be authorized, even though there is enough money on my bank account, what can I do ?

Sometimes banks have internal policies that refuse that kind of transactions. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about that matter unless you call your bank and tell them to make an exception for Zaveapp.

Can I close my account anytime ?

Yes, simply press the Kill my piggy button on all of your goals and let us know in the support section inside the app. In accordance with our policy of total satisfaction, we give you a period of 30 starting days to cancel and get a full refund of all your transactions without any costs.

If you have been a Zaveapp user for more than 30 days, we will transfer your balance minus the commission fees and then delete your account.

Should I give my bank username or password ?

Zaveapp will NEVER ask you for your bank username or password. All you need to do is to link the card related to your bank account (requested when you’re creating your Zaveapp account). If you believe you have received any other communication that indicate otherwise, DO NOT SEND ANYTHING and report it by forwarding the suspicious information in the support section inside the app.

I would like to change the card I have linked, is it possible ?

Yes, you can change it anytime you want, however you’ll need to perform anti-fraud prevention measures everytime you change of your card on Zaveapp.

What happens if  I delete Zaveapp from my phone, if my phone is stolen or if I change my device ?

Zaveapp operates through the cloud so your account and balance are secure. If you delete the app or change phone, simply log again in the app and the balance will be there.

In order to withdraw money from your Zaveapp account, we perform a 2-way identity verification, which makes it impossible for anyone other than you to use your balance. We do not store any personal information on your phone so just like any other app, if you lose your device or get it robbed, nobody can access your card number.