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General terms and conditions

This website is published and operated by Zaveapp (« Zaveapp»), a French limited liability company with sole shareholder (société à responsabilité limitée unipersonnelle) registered with the Créteil companies register under number 828 102 913, with share capital of 3000 euros and having its registered office at 11 rue Carnot 94270 Le Kremlin Bicêtre. Zaveapp intercommunity VAT number is FR41 828102913.This website is published and operated by Zaveapp (« Zaveapp»), a French limited liability company with sole shareholder (société à responsabilité limitée unipersonnelle) registered with the Créteil companies register under number 828 102 913, with share capital of 3000 euros and having its registered office at 11 rue Carnot 94270 Le Kremlin Bicêtre. Zaveapp intercommunity VAT number is FR41 828102913. Zaveapp is the owner of the websites www.zaveapp.com, as well as www.zaveapp.com/fr, www.zaveapp.com/en and/or www.zaveapp.com/es , hosted by the company Amazon Web Services (the “Website”). Zaveapp offers on its mobile application, a service allowing its Users to create virtual Wallets for particular purposes, and withdraw the saved amounts to use them on partner websites, to transfer them on a specific bank account (the “APP”). These general terms and conditions (the “GTCS”) set out the conditions under which the application can be used. Zaveapp can be contacted by inside the app in the support section, by email at hello@zaveapp.com or at the official social media accounts by private message athttps://www.facebook.com/zaveapp  and/or https://twitter.com/zaveapp   The Users can access the general terms and conditions of Mango Pay on the following link: Mangopay TCs English.

* DEFINITIONS “Account or Zaveapp Account” means the account created by a User on the App. “Affiliate Websites” means the websites taking part of Zaveapp affiliate program. “App” means the mobile application developed by Zaveapp. “Commission Fee” means the fee due to Zaveapp in case the Saved Amounts are being transferred to a bank account. “GTCS” means these general terms and conditions. “Fixed Fee” means Zaveapp fee due by any User in any case. “Mango Pay” means the platform allowing the collection and transfer of the Saved Amounts. “Parties” means Zaveapp and the Users. “Registered Paying Account” means the User’s debit or credit card registered on the App to save money. “Registered Payout Account” means the User’s bank account registered on the App to withdraw money. “Saved Amounts” means the amounts collected by the Users on the Wallets opened on his/her Account. “Savings Goal” means the amount and conditions determined by the User on the App before starting to save. “Services” means any and all services provided by Zaveapp on the App. “User” means the natural and legal persons using the App. “Wallet” means the wallet opened by the User by the creation of a savingss Goal. “Website” means the websites www.zaveapp.com and subsites such as www.zaveapp.com/fr and/or www.zaveapp.com/en and/or www.zaveapp.com/es “Zaveapp” means the company identified in the preamble of the CGTCS

* GENERAL PROVISIONS   1. Scope of the general terms and conditions The GTCS form the basis for the contractual relationship between Zaveapp and the Users (the “Users”) for the purchase of Services, to the exclusion of any other documents, catalogue or photographs of the Services which are only indicative.The GTCS apply, without any form of restriction or reservation, to the Services provided by Zaveapp as set out below.Any samples, drawings, descriptive matter or advertising issued by Zaveapp, are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the Services described in them. They shall not form part of the contract between Zaveapp and the Users or have any contractual force.Unless provided otherwise by law, the creation of an account and the use of the Services by the User implies his/her full and complete acceptance of these terms that apply on the date of acceptance. * Subject of the general terms and conditions The GTCS set out the conditions under which the Users use the App and determine the rights and obligations of Zaveapp and the Users. * Availability and enforceability of the general terms and conditions When creating their account all users confirm their awareness and acceptance of the terms of the GTCS and accept them by suscribing to the service.    Zaveapp reserves the right to alter the GTCS independently at any time. In such case, the Users will be informed of the update and will be requested to accept the amended version by ticking the appropriate box.* SERVICES * Availability of the services The Services are available by the User 24/7 all year, except in case of voluntary or involuntary interruption, for any cause, including maintenance of the APP. The Services are available to any person holding a bank account and having the rights to dispose of it (major and capable).   * Access to the services Access to the services is only available via the App. The App can be downloaded for free on the website and/or the official Itunes and Google Play Store. Once the User has downloaded the App and in order to use it, he/she must create an a Zaveapp Account. The Zaveapp Account can be created with an email address and password or can be linked to an existing Facebook or Gmail or Google email based account. Once the Account has been created, the User can access the Services. * Requested documents and information Depending on the amount collected, different degrees of authentification apply, in accordance with Mango Pay general terms and conditions. Failing to provide Zaveapp with the information and documents listed below, the User will not be able to use the Saved Amounts. 1. Light Authentification This Article applies when the User saves up to 2.500 euros and/or cashes out up to 1.000 euros per year. In such case, the following information are requested: Person type Required infos Required KYC Documents Natural Email First name Last nameCountry of Residence Birthday Nationality None Legal Business Name Generic business email First name of the legal representative Last name of the legal representative Birthday of the legal representativeNationality of the legal representative Country of residence of the legal representative None  1. Regular Authentification In addition to the information listed above, this Article applies in case the User collects more than 2.500 euros and/or cashes out more that 1.000 euros. Person type Required infos Required KYC Documents Natural AddressOccupationIncome range Identity proof:ID Card or Passport

Legal Headquarters addressLegal representative emailLegal representative address Identity proofArticles of AssociationRegistration proofShareholder Declaration

1. Strong Authentification In case of suspicion of money laundering, terrorism or for politically exposed persons, Zaveapp will request in addition to the information and documents mentioned above:* For natural persons: a proof of address* For legal persons: a confirmation of bank details

* Description of the services Any Zaveapp User registered in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, can access the Services, including:1. Setting up Savings Goals and open Wallets2. Start Saving3. Use the Saved Amounts * Determination of Saving Goals Once the Account has been created by the User, he/she can create a savings Goal, adding the following information:* Targeted amount* Targeted date to collect the Savings Goal* Reminder date* Debit or Credit card number: to add this number, the User can either type it in the Application, or use the Scan Service, which recognizes the pattern without taking any photograph. It is specified that the debit or credit card number is not collected by Zaveapp,only by Mango Pay. Thus, Zaveapp does not have any access to this number. The User can create as many savings Goals as needed. Once the savings goal has been set up, Zaveapp opens a virtual Wallet, available anytime to the registered User on Zaveapp. * savings Process Once the Wallet has been opened, the User can start savings money on Zaveapp. Money can be transferred on the created Wallets the following ways:1. By permanent transfers from the Registered Bank Account, at regular intervals determined by the User (i.e on the 1st of each month), until the savings Goal has been reached2. By occasional transfers as decided by the User The User may stop a permanent transfer at any time, by switching off and confirming the instruction to automate savings inside the App. * Use of the Saved Amounts Each User may use the Saved Amounts, either when the savings Goal has been reached or at any time. To use the Saved Amounts, the User shall open the concerned Wallet and click on the “KILL MY PIGGY” button and confirming the instruction. The Saved Amounts can be used the following ways:1. Affiliate Websites: Zaveapp has created an affiliate program and any website taking part of such program is an Affiliate Website.   A list of the Affiliate Websites is available at www.zaveapp.com The Users that choose to spend the Saved Amounts on the Affiliate Websites are subject to a cashback refund of up to 100% of the fee’s incurred by using Zaveapp. To get a cashback refund, the User shall go to the Affiliate Website following the link provided by Zaveapp in the website purchase the products or services of his/her choice, and notify Zaveapp in the support section sending a proof of purchase within the next 45 days of disposing balance. After validation, Zaveapp will credit the User account with the cashback reward. 1. Transfer to a bank account The User can dispose the Saved Amounts less the indicated fee’s via a Payout request to a bank account of his own or via a transfer to a bank account of someone else  (e.g: a friend’s bank account)

1. Information and documents requested to use the Saved Amounts Depending on the amount saved, Mango Pay may request additional information and documents, as previously mentioned in Article 3.3. It is specified that, in accordance with Mango Pay General Terms and Conditions, the Users will not be able to cash out the saved amounts before providing Mango Pay with the requested documents. *

PRICE AND METHOD OF PAYMENT Zaveapp Services are subject to payment by the Users of a Fix Fee in any case, and to a Variable Fee only in some cases, as provided below. It is specified that no fee will be paid before the User decides to use the Saved Amounts. * Price 1. Fixed Fee The Fixed Fee provided on the Website at the time of creation of the savings Goal, shall apply. The applicable fee will also be reminded to the User on the App at the time of payout or transfer request.The Fixed Fee will be deducted. 1. Variable Fee The Variable Fee is based on a percentage of the Saved Amounts, which is determined on the Website and reminded to the User on the App at the time of the payout or transfer request. The Commission Fee only applies when the Saved Amounts are transferred to a bank account and does not apply when the Saved Amounts are spent on an Affiliate Website.   *

Account Dropout

Accounts with more than 12 months without movements will generate a fixed commission of 1 Euro or 1 dollar per month (depending on the currency in which the balance is held) for account maintenance, the balance will be charged directly from the account balance in case that exists until it is finished charging or the balance is finished whichever comes first.

Payment of the fees 1. In case of transfer to a specific bank account When the User decides to transfer the Saved Amounts to a bank account, the Fixed Fee and the Variable Fee shall be deducted from the Saved Amounts at the time of transfer. The total amount transfer shall then be the Saved Amounts minus the Fixed Fee and the Variable Fee. 1. In case of payment on Affiliate Websites When the User decides to spend the Saved Amounts on an Affiliate Website, he/she will get a coupon on Zaveapp fees, for his/her next savings Goal. *

RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL Every customer, or specifically, every physical person acting for purposes unrelated to commercial, industrial, artisanal or liberal activity, has the right to withdraw within the 14 (fourteen) clear days following the day of the ratification of the contract, by virtue of article L. 121-21 of the Consumer Code. It shall be stated that the contract is ratified the day upon which the User creates the Zaveapp Account and accepts the GTCS. Any User may then withdraw and terminate the contract without any fees due to Zaveapp, within 14 days following the creation of his/her Zaveapp Account, in that case Zaveapp will cancel all transactions and refund each one of it to the same debit or credit card that was used.* TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT Zaveapp may terminate the contract at any time, by closing the User Account, in case of suspicion of illegal activity. Inactive Accounts may also be closed. In any case, Zaveapp shall inform the User before closing his/her Account.The User may also decide to close his/her Account at any time by clicking inside the goal the button KILL MY PIGGY. In such case, the Saved Amounts will be transferred to his/her Registered Bank Account, after deduction of the Fixed Fee and the Commission, as set out above. * OBLIGATIONS OF THE USERS The User undertakes to:* Provide Zaveapp with accurate information and documents* comply with the provisions of the GTCS as well as, any and all applicable laws and regulations* refrain from using the App for professional purposes* use secured password to maintain a high level of security of his Account* refrain from using the App for illegal purposes, including but not limited to money laundering, terrorism… * LIABILITY Zaveapp shall not be held liable for any damage arising in the following cases: * The User has breached his/her obligations under the GTCS or has failed to comply with the applicable laws and regulations* The User has been negligent in the use of the App* The User device has been infected by a virus* Disruption of the Services due to technical reasons, such as internet failure, electricity break, unavailability of the servers hosting the App or the Website, any force majeure cases* Loss of data, breach of confidentiality of the User’s personal data* Any event caused by the intervention of a third party * PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA Personal data is information that, whether directly or indirectly, allows the momentary identification of an individual. The Users will be required to submit this kind of information to use the App. This information may be disclosed to third parties only for commercial purposes or if necessitated by any applicable law. In order to secure the use of the App and for the purpose of managing the User’s Account, Zaveapp collects, on behalf of Mango Pay, the information and data provided in the GTCS. The conditions of treatment by Mango Pay of the personal data collected, are set out in Mango Pay general terms and conditions available on the following link:Mangopay TCs English. In accordance with the requirements set out in article 27 of the Data Processing and Liberties law from January 6th 1978, the Customer has the right to access, alter, rectify and delete any personal data regarding him/her, by sending an email to the following address: hello@zaveapp.com The User must electronically inform Zaveapp of any changes in his/her personal details. He/she remains responsible for them being up to date, by sending an email to the following address: […] It is specified that Zaveapp will not keep the information collected, which is directly transferred to Mango Pay, except in the following cases:* The Saved Amounts exceed 2500 euros: Zaveapp will keep the User’s address* The User is a legal person: Zaveapp will keep all information provided by the User The data is kept for a duration not exceeding the use of the App by the User.This treatment has been reported to the National Commission of Data Processing and Liberties by declaration under the reference number . Zaveapp may use the personal data collected for commercial purposes. Each User can oppose receiving information, either by unsubscribing by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email received, or by emailing the following address: hello@zaveapp.com   * INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All components of the App and the Website, whether visual or sound-related, as well as the underlying technology, are protected by the intellectual property rights. Zaveapp owns the right to exploit each and every one of these components. The User will expressly refrain from reproducing, representing or distributing any distinct component, even partially, that constitutes an integral part of the App and the Website. The User recognizes that Zaveapp owns the exclusive rights to the trademark Zaveapp, as registered under number 1629669.

* APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTIONThe GTCS are exclusively subject to French law. In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with the present contract, the parties shall first try to settle the dispute through direct negotiation within (30) days starting from the notification in writing from one of the parties to the other of the existence of a dispute (“Negotiation Period”). If the dispute has not been settled within the Negotiation Period, the parties shall refer the dispute to the relevant court of Paris.